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AI charter

At BDB, we recognise the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). The pace at which AI is evolving does not necessarily cater to stringent policies, but instead calls for continuous engagement and vigilance from every member of our team. The applications of AI are diverse, varying from team to team and project to project. However, our underlying approach to harnessing its capabilities needs to be steadfast and aligned. This charter is not about a fixed set of rules; it’s a framework designed to guide us in making informed decisions as we integrate AI into our operations. Our AI framework is focused on free exploration and purposeful application.


Human first
At the heart of our operations is the belief that AI is not a substitute for human creativity, emotion, and insight. AI serves as an enabler for automation and augmentation, allowing our team to concentrate on enhancing the quality of our work, making it more impactful and meaningful.

Trust by verification
We value the insights AI can provide, but we don’t accept them blindly. Every piece of information or suggestion generated by AI undergoes rigorous human scrutiny. Our trust is placed not just in the technology, but more importantly, in the human intellect that oversees it.

We are accountable for AI’s use
AI can be a valuable collaborator, offering ideas and insights. However, the final output rests in our hands. We are entirely accountable for what we present to the world, using AI as a tool, not as the creator.

Ethical use
AI brings with it the potential for bias and is not immune to ethical challenges. We are committed to recognising and mitigating these pitfalls, with careful and equal consideration to our inputs and the outputs of any system.

Safe use
Ensuring the safe use of AI is paramount. We will continue to protect our clients’ and individuals’ data, and will never expose sensitive data to insecure networks or systems.

Continuous learning and adaptation
AI is a vehicle, not a destination. As it evolves, so do we. We are dedicated to staying ahead of technological advancements and understanding the socio-cultural, economic, and historical implications that come with them. This commitment ensures that our use of AI is always relevant, effective, and in tune with the changing times.

Together, we pledge to navigate the AI landscape responsibly, innovatively, and ethically, ensuring that our work remains impactful, genuine, and above all, human.

If you have any questions about our use of AI, or want to explore the the applications of AI for your business, contact us.