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Your brand is a visual and verbal identity, the thing that makes your business unique. At BDB, brand is more than just a logo or a strapline, it’s about creating frameworks from which you can communicate your business to your customers in the most effective way. Our job is to help you present yourself in the most relevant way possible, both to engage existing audiences and attract new prospects.


A business strategy is where it all begins, the starting point from which to build an engaging brand. It’s what you stand for, your personality, and how it resonates with your audience. We work as your consultants, to help you define your mission – the reason why you exist, the promises you make and the values that drive everything you do.


Our understanding of what the modern B2B buyer wants and needs, the market environment, and the macro trends driving customer behaviour all mean we can help to position your brand effectively. We analyse your business capabilities against those of your competitors to define and express your points of differentiation and market positioning.


Your corporate identity, the face of your offering and that which your customers engage with, is crucial to any brand offering.

Whether a new market entrant or well-established name, our multidisciplinary team can guide your business through everything from choosing a name, designing your logo, to determining the best colour, graphics and visual devices to give you unique and ownable stand-out in your market. Not only that, our copywriters will craft you a consistent tone of voice and our consultancy experts will train your employees to use all these tools to interact more effectively with customers.


Facts tell. Stories sell. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in marketing; by constructing a narrative that brings together all the elements of your brand, you connect better with your customers. As most notably put by Roger C Schank, ‘humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are ideally set up to understand stories.’ Facts and figures matter, but it’s the story that will keep your customers and prospects engaged.


In order to define the ROI of any marketing activity, measuring effectiveness and its value to an organisation is essential. That’s why we ensure that prior to the start of any project, there is a clearly defined framework of objectives and measures. These can be quantitative or qualitative, or be made up of net promotor scoring, voice of customer surveys or brand tracking – making sure that all the results identified and recorded are based on outcomes not outputs.

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