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A clearly thought out strategy and plan for any campaign is crucial for successful and measurable interaction with your target audience. It’s an impact piece, a behaviour changer and the delivery of the message that will make the modern B2B buyer consider your proposition over your competitors. At BDB we ensure your campaign is strategy and insight led, persona driven and unique, so it will break through the noise and deliver real, measurable impact.


Strategy is a crucial element in any campaign planning, as the ‘why’ that supports everything that follows. It sets the headlines, the drivers for customer engagement. While often complex and detailed, we can help you whittle your strategic aim for a campaign down to a single key sentence, the ultimate purpose, the change and impact you want to see. For real measurable success, we can ensure your campaign aim is compelling, targeted and focused.


With your strategy in hand, the planning stage is all about effectively positioning those chosen messages. Who will you target, how will you connect with your desired audience and what techniques will you employ to ensure the most effective execution of your communication goals? We help frame your campaign and connect with your audience in a meaningful and impactful way, built around your marketing and business objectives.


At BDB, campaign management is more than just the delivery. It’s the care taken at every stage of the process that results in real success. So, we’ll be with you from planning, to execution, tracking and analysis of a marketing initiative. We’ll help you with getting your content out there with email, social media, surveys, print materials and giveaways – all focused on delivering against the agreed strategy and plan.


To be able to judge any campaign a success, it must have tangible KPIs attached to it. That’s why at BDB we ensure that prior to the start of any project, we have a clearly defined framework of objectives and measures. These can be quantitative or qualitative, or be made up of net promotor scoring, voice of customer surveys or brand tracking – making sure that all the results identified and recorded are based on outcomes not outputs.

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