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PR planning & reporting

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PR planning & reporting

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As part of our B2B PR Services, we go to great lengths to understand the vital components that make your brand’s voice resonate in today’s dynamic market.

And we know that planning and evaluation are as important as execution. Crafting a successful B2B PR strategy requires a blend of artistry and analytics.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

Strategic storytelling: We forge a compelling brand story that solidifies your market position. We’re not just about making noise — we ensure your voice is heard loud and clear where it matters most.

Performance-driven approach: Your goals are our goals. From awareness to lead generation, we meticulously craft PR strategies aligned with your KPIs to generate impact like never before.

PR Planning

Our team doesn’t just set objectives. We align them with your business goals through detailed audits of current activity. And we don’t just broadcast your key messages. They are sense-checked, fine-tuned, and cascaded to ensure maximum impact.

We are skilled in creating bespoke PR plans that echo your brand’s voice and values, ensuring your key messages resonate with the right audience. But we don’t stop there. We continuously review and adjust our plans to stay in step with evolving market trends and shifting marketing objectives.

Through our strategic approach, we build relationships that matter. We delve into audience research and handpick media outlets that match your profile, perfectly. Giving you the power to efficiently and effectively strengthen your credibility and authority within your industry. Your PR efforts are seamlessly integrated with all other marketing communications for a cohesive, powerful campaign.

PR Reporting

We excel in analysing and optimizing campaign performance by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure your objectives are met. Through meticulous ROI measurement, we quantify the value and impact of your PR investment. Our regular comprehensive reports deliver the metrics that truly matter, enabling informed decision-making.

Furthermore, our Share of Voice (SOV) reports offer a clear view of your brand’s position among competitors. With advanced SOV reporting, you gain precise insights into your standing and strategic direction. Leveraging advanced AI monitoring, we keep abreast of media coverage and competitor activities, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the evolving PR landscape.

In addition to automated data-gathering, our human touch analysis adds depth, context, and invaluable insights that machines cannot replicate. We prioritise meaningful metrics aligned with KPIs directly linked to your business objectives, so that you gain actionable insights rather than a deluge of one-dimensional data.

Welcome to a new era of PR planning and reporting.
Where innovation meets impact and the measure of your success is tangible not theoretical.

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