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Delivering words that make your customers act, whether it be in an advertisement, blog or informative guide, is a craft. With years of experience, we can ensure your customers are treated to the most engaging and informative storytelling content to get them on board without any need for the hard sell.


Every brand has a story, and we can help you find and tell yours. Whether it’s to a wide-eyed child or the modern b2b buyer, the goal is the same: engage, educate and inspire, give your audience something unique to remember. We shape narrative that delivers on your business and marketing objectives.


Longform content can be challenging, especially with complex topics. At BDB however, our team are experienced in taking some of the most complicated, specialist content and communicating it with the appropriate tone of voice and structure. We create compelling copy your audience can trust.


Advertising is more than just eye-catching pictures and unique graphics. The power of words to draw the eye and create interest should not be forgotten – this innovative use of language is where we find our strength. To stand out in the B2B landscape, the language you use must have originality, relevance, and flare.


From social media, to web copy, our knowledgeable specialists can help define your brand’s voice and how you should use it to communicate with your audience. Working with the digital team, our

copywriters can advise on how best to flow web content, devise attention-grabbing headers to keep the viewer scrolling and create social media posts that will make your audience want to learn more.

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