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Are you telling your side of the story?

We’re excited to finally share our interactive articles with you!

Here at BDB, we’ve been thinking about what you might need from our content in today’s fast-paced, virtual world. And so, we’ve gone away and created something fully immersive that you can enjoy online.

Our latest article explores how great stories and unexpected narratives are transforming the world of B2B. With the marketplace becoming ever more saturated with brands, products and the same old messaging, storytelling can be an effective tool to cut through all the noise and speak directly to your customers.

So, click here to read our guide to B2B storytelling, the concept of brand purpose, the 7 plot types to master, and much more.

In this issue, we cover:

  • The importance of narrative storytelling
  • Non-linear B2B marketing and the multiple touchpoint journey
  • Brand purpose and the concept of why
  • The 7 plot types
  • Using the 10 Cs of storytelling

Discover the new, redesigned The Storytelling Issue

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