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Breaking the mould in B2B PR

It’s well-known that PR agencies across the world have a reputation problem, often described as ‘fluffy’ or seen as being ‘spin doctors’. After just two short months, I can confidently say that BDB is an agency that breaks the mould.

On Day 1 I was introduced to BDB’s team of intelligent, passionate communicators and shown the comprehensive induction programme that I was to begin. With a large variety of clients in a range of different, and some rather niche, industries there’s a lot to take in at the beginning, but BDB’s induction programme has been designed to equip new employees with everything they need to reach their full potential. Not only is this testimony to BDB’s dedication to their team but also to their clients, ensuring that every member of the BDB team can deliver results for the accounts they are responsible for from the very beginning.

The diverse backgrounds of the BDB team means there’s a wealth of knowledge for new employees to learn from and always someone around to lend a helping hand…if one person doesn’t have an answer they’ll know the person who does!

As a full service agency, there’s always something new to get involved in – from writing features and pitching to journalists to building digital campaigns and developing international strategy. This means that every day brings a new challenge and new opportunities to explore for our clients.

Despite being just two months into my BDB career I’m already looking forward to getting involved in more projects and can’t wait to see how much changes another two months from now! If you’re interested in seeing the changes BDB can bring to you then get in touch with us here for your next project.

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