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Building bridges between marketing and sales

In the modern B2B world, aligning marketing and sales can be a challenge. Both departments are notorious for working in silos, without any overlap in their day-to-day activities. However, this misalignment can have a devastating impact on business’ bottom lines, while also negatively affecting buyers’ journeys through the sales funnel. Undoubtedly, both functions are stronger together – so, what can be done?

We’ve created a guide to help you understand the true impact of misalignment between marketing and sales, and what you can do to build bridges between both teams.

What’s covered in the guide?

  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment
  • Cracking the non-linear sales funnel
  • Plugging the gap with technology
  • Account-based marketing, and how it can help your business
  • Becoming truly customer-centric

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