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Can 3D video transform customer engagement strategies?

As a form of content that is constantly evolving, video marketing is rapidly becoming a key element in B2B strategies and campaign planning across the marketing mix, and a high performing one in most campaigns. With 59% of B2B decision makers indicating that insufficient visualisation tools are a real challenge within their marketing function, the need for a stronger, more process-driven 3D video strategy is key to successful video marketing.1 

Telling a great story is one of the fastest ways to intrigue, inform and influence an audience, regardless of demographic or intention. With people proven to engage with 3D imagery almost 50% more compared to 2D, why are you still debating whether to invest in it? 2 Integrating 3D video into your marketing and communications strategy is an incredibly effective way to enhance your customer experience at every stage of the buying cycle.3 

Despite some B2B target audiences not necessarily being tech-savvy themselves, they can still enjoy and engage with video. Naturally, the B2B leaders that you are targeting will also be B2C consumers and are therefore likely to have already been exposed to the advances of video in B2C marketing. With so many of their expectations being based on the B2C narrative, bringing similar marketing campaign ideas into the B2B world will likely meet their expectations of successful brands. 

Cut through the noise in today’s digital world 

Over the past decade, many B2B businesses have refreshed more traditional forms of product information such as brochures and catalogues with content that drives greater engagement such as explainer videos, interactive infographics and virtual environment product showcasing. 

Today’s consumers want to experience a product, explore its functionality and understand its use in relation to their needs, but they want to do this on their own terms. Before the internet transformed the buying behaviour of consumers, we relied solely on human interaction to encourage transactions. However, when considering today’s buyer journey, there is a heavy reliance on individual online research and autonomous decision-making with 89% of B2B buyers preferring to complete product research in their own time.4 3D video can play a really important role in engaging and connecting with potential customers as they get to know more about your new service or product. With 64% of customers in a customer purchase intention survey stating a video on social media directly impacted their purchasing decisions, the power of video marketing cannot be underestimated in a world driven by autonomous decision-makers.5   

The art of successful storytelling through video 

Integrating forms of 3D video and virtual reality as part of a wider marketing strategy can help B2B businesses improve and humanise their digital experience, capture the attention of their customers and significantly improve levels of engagement. As an incredibly useful form of storytelling, 3D video helps to visualise a problem, showcase the benefits of a product or service and add value to the customer by providing an opportunity for deeper engagement. 

One of the biggest advantages of investing in 3D video as part of your wider marketing strategy is just how visually appealing it can be for your target audience. As a way of successfully elevating your marketing goals and driving home your key messages, 3D video can help you maintain innovation in your content deployment encouraging increased reach and content retention. Thanks to the 3-dimensional space that 3D video operates in, there is more choice in how you dynamically and visually tell you story. With the advanced technology that exists, your creative options really are limitless. For example, through this method you can show off a mock-up version of your new product or innovation from every angle, highlighting every feature providing a realistic-looking overview for the ultimately customer engagement experience.  

The B2B market is notoriously saturated with content focused on complex concepts that many people find it difficult to understand and get to grips with. Bringing these challenging topics to life via 3D video helps create a lasting impact on an audience, making the content more appealing and digestible in a way that works to establish a stronger, more meaningful connection.  

Driving momentum in B2B marketing through video 

With companies noting they have seen an increase of up to 40% in conversion rates for products which have been marketed via 3D-digitisation it is clear that video-focused content is more effective than text-focused communication at driving engagement and ultimately sales.6 

3D video brings B2B marketing to a whole new level by helping to capture consumer interest early in the sales funnel. Additionally, in a market that has yet to fully embrace the potential of visual 3D marketing, investing early in 3D video marketing campaigns means you can stay ahead of the competition with innovative online visuals that help grow your business in 2023 and beyond.  

What we can offer at BDB 

Creating engaging, educational and idea-enhancing motion-focused content as part of your marketing strategy can help enhance the experience for your consumers at every stage of the buying cycle. From taking your brand or product to new creative levels in an awareness campaign to developing a highly engaging product mock-up for your target audience to explore in detail – 3D video can educate and delight like no other media can.  

Want to explore the limitless potential of 3D video? Reach out to us to talk through how it can support your communication goals.  


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Want to explore the limitless potential of 3D video?

Reach out to us to talk through how we can support your communication goals.  

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Want to explore the limitless potential of 3D video?

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