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Co-creating impactful business strategies: Why more heads are better than one

Whatever our clients are looking to achieve – whether that’s growing their market share, launching a new product or expanding their business into new territories – there’s one thing that they need to succeed…they need to make an impact! Because each business is unique, there’s no magic formula when it comes to the strategies and campaigns that will help achieve key business goals and stand out from the competition. That’s why at BDB, we’ve made it our mission to keep challenging the status quo and deliver innovative, lasting impact for our clients across the B2B community.

Our commitment to deliver impact is at the core of BDB’s DNA, and it doesn’t stop at the work we do for our clients. We believe that making an impact starts with the personal and professional development of each member of the BDB team – and this is critical to our own success as well as that of our clients’. As a 100% employee-owned business (find out more about that here), we aim to create a more transparent, honest and fair workplace with an egalitarian organisational structure.

Being part of an employee-owned business not only offers the financial benefit of having a joint share in business profits, but also the opportunity to have an equal voice in determining the future of the company. Our inaugural Impact Day took place on National Employee Ownership Day (24th June) providing the perfect opportunity to celebrate our employees’ unique perspectives and experiences while getting everyone together to shape a new and improved employee value proposition (EVP) from the ground up.

Refining impact

Over the last six months, we’ve been developing our brand proposition that sets out our goals and strategies to continue delivering meaningful impact for our clients in the constantly evolving landscape of B2B marketing and communications. With the aim of bringing our new brand narrative to life and embedding it into our organisational culture, we hosted a full day, strategic workshop with the whole team to collectively brainstorm new ways to transform our brand and put impact at the heart of the employee experience.

Given the increasingly competitive employment landscape and war for talent that currently exists, a candidate-driven market is making it more important than ever for businesses to authentically articulate and communicate why the best talent would want to build at career with them. Therefore, at our first ever Impact Day, the BDB team was tasked with the big question: how can we strategically position BDB as a best-in-class global B2B employer to attract and retain exceptional international talent?  

To divide and conquer this task, the BDB team was split into small groups that brought together individuals from different departments with varying levels of experience, skillsets and personality types. We also transformed HQ to ensure Impact Day wasn’t just like any other day in the office, take a look for yourself:

After working through their briefing packs which provided insights into current issues, competitors and case studies, each team focused on developing their respective employer value proposition (EVP) pitches to capture the essence of BDB’s employee culture. With PowerPoint presentations banned, everyone focused on creating effective storytelling narratives conveyed through scripts, flip-charts, printouts and lots of doodles – it was fantastic!

Co-creating success

As a result of our first Impact Day, we are now one step closer to distilling our employee value proposition, having successfully come away with seven fantastic potential EVPs and an array of supporting campaign concepts. More importantly, we managed to get fantastic buy-in from the team for our new impact brand narrative, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with different colleagues across the business.

Following the resounding success of Impact Day 2022, we want to help others to hack out their own business challenges and co-create new ways to harness emerging opportunities. We have over 60 bright individuals who can put their minds together and develop out-of-the-box strategies for your specific business problems. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you achieve impactful strategic growth for your company:

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