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Deep conversations with the right people are PRICELESS

Forming relationships with customers and prospects is paramount to building a successful business. Conversational marketing offers B2B businesses a method of connecting with their target audience in a way that drives engagement and boosts conversions. Sounds pretty great, but what is it exactly?

It’s been referred to as a one-to-one approach, human-centric, feedback-oriented and, well, conversational, but what conversational marketing ultimately comes down to is direct communication between a business and its leads, prospects and customers. Encompassing everything from chat bots to live chat, it allows B2B marketers to shorten the sales cycle and create a more personal, optimised buying experience.

Interested? Download our latest guide to conversational marketing to learn more about the power of conversations, and how you can include it in your marketing strategy.

What’s covered in the guide?

  • The main conversational marketing mediums
  • Identifying where it can fit in your marketing strategy
  • The potential benefits for B2B businesses
  • Top tips to getting started

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