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Explore the potential of experiential for better engagement

Trade shows and exhibitions have been a mainstay in the B2B world for such a long time now, surely there’s no need to question their effectiveness in the buyer’s journey? Think again: in this increasingly digital age, we need to take another look at their impact on ROI for businesses, who are having to go bigger and bolder with exhibition offerings in order to appeal to younger and more digitally savvy customers. 

With limited budgets, it’s important to get it right without breaking the bank. But how? Experiential (or engagement) marketing could hold the key. It creates memorable experiences between brands and their consumers, using an activation – anything from stunts, to immersive events or product sampling – and allows brands to directly interact with or ‘wow’ their customers or prospects.

To help b2b marketers get the most out of tradeshows and exhibitions, we’ve created a guide on experiential marketing with key considerations and advice.

What’s covered?

  • The potential of experiential
  • Appealing to modern b2b buyers
  • Preparation for your big day
  • Cultivating a brand story
  • Smaller events you shouldn’t ignore

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