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My First Week at BDB

From joining a EUREKA team meeting in my first hour to enjoying Prosecco on a Tuesday afternoon, my first week at BDB was anything but boring – I would best describe it as filled with warm welcomes, helpful introductions and, perhaps most significantly, copious amounts of cake.

BDB, or Barrett Dixon Bell, is an international, full-service b2b marketing and communications agency with over 30 years of experience and expertise in industries including construction, food & nutrition, engineering, packaging, publishing and science and technology. I myself have a Neuroscience degree however, I was always keen to use it in a more creative way. This led me to pursue opportunities offering a combination of science and marketing as it allowed me to utilise my interests as well as my passion and when I decided it was time to progress my career, an account executive role at BDB was the obvious choice.

My first impressions of BDB has been nothing but positive and the agency has certainly exceeded my expectations. Already this week I have celebrated birthdays, attended a training session on production, received wine as a welcome gift, and been involved in campaign brainstorms. As well as this I’ve been introduced to my client accounts (I was naturally drawn to the agency’s more science focused clients and luckily for me those were the projects I’ve been assigned to), completed various copywriting tasks and familiarised myself with a few editors and publishers BDB work closely with.

However, what has really stood out the most for me, is that everyone has made me feel like part of the team from day one, making it very easy for me to relax into my new role and settle in my first few days. I can sense already how committed BDB is to ensuring its employees happiness is as much a priority as its client’s success, and it is apparent it is nothing short of dedicated to helping new employees reach their full potential from the beginning.

As I’m coming towards the end of my first week, already I look forward to the variety of projects I will have the opportunity to work on here at BDB. I’ll be helping the team deliver solutions to a range of exciting clients both in science and other sectors and observing how briefs develop from conception to completion. More than anything though, I am excited to learn from the team here who is always keen to lend a helping hand and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a range of fields – knowledge which is delivered through internal training every week. And let’s not forget the wine tasting event in the office next week…I look forward to that also!

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