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Getting To Know You: Meet BDB’s New Starters

Over the last few months, BDB has appointed a number of talented individuals to join its continuously growing team. From seasoned PR and marketing professionals to those at the start of their careers, we interviewed all our newbies to find out why they chose BDB and to see how they’re getting on.

Holly Jobbins, Senior Account Manager
What separated BDB, for you, from other agencies?

“BDB stood out to me because of the strength of its B2B marketing offering, as well as it’s unique team culture. Having worked in B2B for over eight years, I was impressed at the outset by BDB’s strategic approach, international outlook, and openness to doing things differently. From my first interview, I felt confident that BDB was somewhere I could learn and develop, but also be part of a collaborative, friendly and successful team.

“Now nearly four months in, and my experience at BDB has been everything I’d hoped for, and more! As a full-service agency, BDB offers the opportunity to work with colleagues who specialise in creative production and digital marketing to deliver impactful campaigns for clients. I got involved straightaway with developing the strategy for some new campaigns and I have loved getting to know our clients and the diverse industries they operate in.  

“Since starting, I’ve also taken the lead on developing and delivering BDB’s comprehensive training programme – this is something I’m really passionate about, and it’s fantastic to have my ideas on the subject welcomed and implemented so soon in my BDB career. I’ve been made to feel so welcome as part of the BDB family and, with its firm focus on the future of B2B marketing, it’s a very exciting time to have joined team BDB!” 

Hannah Barnsdall, Senior Account Executive / Senior Production Executive
Why did you choose BDB as the next step in your career?

“Despite having 4 years’ experience in in-house marketing, across various sectors, I knew that for the next step in my career I wanted something different. BDB stood out immediately because of its international outlook, B2B focus and strategic approach, as well as their open, friendly office culture, which came through from both their website and my interviewing process. For me, it was a no-brainer, and it’s been the most fantastic experience so far.  

“Knowing that I had a broad range of marketing experience, BDB created a role for me across both production and account handling – which meant that I was able to get stuck in straightaway with things I was familiar with, whilst learning a great deal about others. This was a great introduction to my role, and I’m continuing to learn and develop my skills every single day. I’m so happy I chose BDB as the next step in my career – the future is incredibly exciting!” 

Camille Seoane, Account Executive
Have you had the opportunity to use your language skills at BDB? 

“Yes, I’ve had lots of opportunities to use my language skills since joining BDB. As a native French speaker, I’ve really enjoyed speaking with contacts at various French trade publications, as well as with BDB’s French speaking clients. It’s really valuable being able to speak with people in their native tongue – it definitely helps to build relationships and makes sure we’re all on the same page. I also use my skills in French to proofread press releases and articles, to ensure everything is of the highest standard. It’s really important to me to speak French regularly, so I love working at a B2B agency with such an international focus.”

Dimo Stoychev, Digital Account Manager 
What sort of digital work are you doing for BDB currently?

“I’m definitely carrying out a broad range of digital work at BDB. At the moment, I’m working on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube ad campaigns, as well as website development, search engine optimisation, and landing page development – a lack in variety is definitely never a problem in this role! All of our clients are B2B-focused, so we really try and push for more creative solutions and make them stand out in a crowded marketplace. Compared to other agencies, we put a real emphasis on better targeting and ongoing optimisation – sometimes making very incremental changes that have the potential to make a real difference to results and exceed clients’ expectations.”

Theresa Flach, Account Executive
How do you find the office culture at BDB? How does it differ from your other work experiences?

“The office culture at BDB is one of inclusion, and creative and personal freedom. I feel confident to voice any concerns I have or suggest ideas, as I know people will listen to me, regardless of their seniority or how busy they are. While my previous workplace had a similar culture, it did not have the same level of freedom and flexibility offered at BDB, such as unlimited holidays and the generous working from home policy. It also did not have the same level of diversity as BDB, which is a workplace where lots of different languages are spoken and multiple nationalities are represented.”

Lizzie O’Neill, Account Executive
Why did you decide to start off your marketing and PR career at BDB?

“I was initially drawn to a career in marketing and PR as I thought the skills I’d developed throughout my History degree and previous work experience would lend themselves well to the industry. My first introduction to BDB was through a recruiter: they gave a glowing endorsement of the company and reassured me that they were willing to hire based on core skills and potential, rather than extensive previous experience.

“Throughout the interview process, I was impressed by the breadth of businesses and projects with which BDB was involved, as well as the friendly office atmosphere and the people I met – everyone put me at ease straightaway. I got the impression – which was confirmed after I started – that BDB was a business that attracted talent, and which genuinely cared about its employees. I’m so glad I chose it as the place to start my PR and marketing journey.”

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent at BDB. If you’re interested in starting a career at a full-service, global B2B marketing consultancy, get in touch with us today on [email protected] . We’d love to hear from you!

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