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How to kickstart your career at a marketing and communications agency

The early autumn period usually beckons an influx of thoughts, worry and anxiety for many school leavers and soon-to-be university graduates thinking about their futures after education. We believe that this period of life should not be one of anxiety but one of opportunity and excitement at the prospect of what’s coming next. Studies show that the time it takes for education-leavers to secure a job varies anywhere between three to 18 months, so make sure that you go at a pace that suits you and don’t be disheartened if you aren’t successful at that first interview, finding the perfect job is a marathon not a sprint.[1] Getting some experience in the sector you would like to specialise in through opportunities such as internships, volunteer or work experience will really help you to stand out from the competition, however this not a necessity and a hard working attitude and go-getter approach will never go unnoticed. With good preparation and a proactive approach, you really can make the world of work your oyster. 

Why the marketing and communications industry could be for you

If you’re looking for a role that keeps you on your toes, is fast-paced and comes packed with a variety of work, responsibilities and opportunities, the marketing and communications industry could be for you. A key character trait of anyone looking to break into the industry is the ability to be adaptable as the world of marketing, technology and communications is constantly evolving and developing at a rapid rate. It’s also incredibly important to be open-minded and to have the confidence to get involved in a number of projects and disciplines, even if it might be out of your comfort zone initially. Adopting this approach as well as having a broad skillset, or at least the mentality to want to learn a broad range of skills, is essential for a successful career in the marketing and communications industry. 

What does a career at a marketing and communications agency look like?

For starters, you don’t need to be a marketer to work in a marketing and communications (marcomms) agency. From designers to writers and accountants to project managers, at a marcomms agency like BDB, we have a whole host of individuals from a range of educational and working backgrounds that don’t necessarily specialise in ‘marketing’. This is one of the best things about working at a marketing agency, you can be involved in ‘marketing’ at whatever level you are comfortable with whether that’s managing the financial accounts of client work or planning a strategy for an upcoming digital client project, we are so much more than just ‘marketing’. Of course, if you are from a digital marketing, writing, PR or content creation background your knowledge and expertise is incredibly valuable and a marketing agency would provide the perfect opportunity for you to kickstart your career in a fast-paced world that never stands still. 

A career at BDB

At BDB, we work exclusively with global B2B businesses and brands operating across a myriad of sectors including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, healthcare and materials. This means that having a background in science, nutrition, medicine and engineering can be hugely beneficial to the team and to our clients. Across the BDB team we have people that have come from a whole host of backgrounds. From humanities and science degrees to placements in PR agencies and finance apprenticeships, everyone has their own story to tell about how they’ve got to where they are today at BDB (and no two stories are the same!). 

Think you might be up for a career at BDB? We’d love to hear from you. Check out the live roles on our website (and discover even more about what it’s like to work at BDB!) or reach out to our Head of Talent, Lucy, on [email protected].

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a number of team member Q & A’s to give you an insight into the variety of educational backgrounds, experience and reasons why they decided to choose a career with BDB. Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date.


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