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How your B2B brand can harness the power of Alexa Flash Briefing

In the B2B marketing world, people are always looking to predict the next major trend, and the one that keeps cropping up is voice search. Voice assistant devices are becoming commonplace, and businesses are adapting to the way consumers are using the technology to shop online. Amazon Echo has established itself as a popular device. A swiss army knife of voice assistants, Echo integrates with Alexa to stream music, make phone calls, set alarms and do all manner of wonderful things that can be achieved with a few words.

A great addition to Echo is the presence of ‘skills’ that can be downloaded to achieve other tasks, like finding a lost phone. A skill that’s widely used on the Echo is Flash Briefing, which delivers pre-recorded news snippets from media outlets. From a B2B marketing perspective, this is huge.

Setting up a flash briefing allows for readily available audio content to be delivered to customers daily. If you are serious about incorporating voice search into your B2B content strategy,… continue reading on

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