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Leading the digital revolution

It’s no secret that the digital marketing world is moving at a remarkable pace. The question is, how do we stay up-to-date in such a crowded landscape?

To keep you on the straight and narrow, we’ve streamlined the facts and figures you need to know into a guide called ‘50 things about digital stuff’. We’ve done all the research behind the digital techniques – so you don’t need to wade through the reams (we’ve checked, there are a lot) of ‘top tips’ out there. Consider this your digital bible, of sorts.

Used well, and digital can lift a campaign, helping to reach the right audiences, ensuring engagement and improving the customer experience (CX) journey. Take using digital technology in b2b marketing, for example. With all those channels at your fingertips, how do you know which ones are best suited to your business? And once you’ve decided on the platform, how do you make it work? We’re all looking for that elusive return-on-investment, but sometimes you need to refine your strategy and refocus your efforts.

To give you a taster of what to expect, here is a small selection from ’50 things’:

  • Social Mention is a social media engine that searches user-generated content, including blogs, comments, news, videos and microblogging services. It’s useful for analysing brand sentiment, identifying influencers and finding topics of interest to your audience.
  • By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice searches. SEO will need to adapt to accommodate the difference between the way users traditionally search versus how they speak out loud.
  • A common assumption is that people prefer to click on organic search results instead of paid search ads. 60% of consumers don’t know a Google search advert when they see one.

There’s plenty more where that comes from (47 others, to be exact). Download the full guide here, or get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out how our digital expertise can benefit your business.

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