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Lights, camera, action: how video content will boost your B2B marketing game in 2024

Video has always been a sure-fire to grab our attention as consumers, and in 2024, it’s becoming even more of a top priority for B2B companies, too. According to the latest research by the Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024, the percentage of B2B marketers using video marketing increased to 84% in 2023 – up from 75% the previous year1. In fact, they’re planning on spending more on video than any other type of content in 2024, so we anticipate a significant boost in the utilisation of this format this year. 

Text-based content still has an important place in the B2B marketplace, but video is increasingly being used to cut through the noise, to tell stories in a compelling way, as well as provide a platform to share knowledge, hacks and tips, thought leadership insights and much, much more. Short-form, long-form, augmented reality, immersive experiences: the possibilities are endless. Video is accessible, flexible and most importantly, engaging.  

Video across the customer journey 

But where on the customer journey is the best place to use video? A recent survey shows that 70% of B2B buyers report watching videos throughout the buyer’s journey2. At the start of the journey, for example, is a great time to include video with thought leadership or inspirational content to increase awareness. It can support alternative pieces of content, like a white paper or infographic, in spreading the word about a particular challenge the audience might be facing in the early stages of buying.  

Then in the consideration stage of the funnel, video can help build trust and engagement, through customer testimonials or webinars – providing the target audience with an idea of how they can overcome these industry challenges. Further down the B2B purchasing funnel, using video can be helpful to show products in action – encouraging potential buyers to visually connect a product or service to their needs. Finally, when it comes to sales communication, prospects tend to be more receptive to discussions after they’ve seen a more human side to a business; something that can more readily achieved with a video. With a survey discovering that video marketing has helped B2B marketers increase sales (87%), traffic (91%) and brand awareness (95%)3, the predicted increase in investment and usage in campaigns for this year comes as no surprise. 

3 video trends to watch in 2024 

There is, of course, huge potential in video marketing, but where do you start? Here are three key trends ‘to watch’ in video marketing: 

1. Personalised video content 

There’s a lot of videos out there, so one that speaks directly to your target audience just hits different. More and more B2B marketers are using data analytics to understand a customer’s preferences and tailor the content accordingly. Personalised videos are a powerful tool in Account Based Marketing (ABM), where they are used to deliver tailored messaging to target accounts and make a more personal connection with your audience.  A good way to incorporate personalised videos to your ABM strategy is by hosting them on bespoke landing pages for each of your target accounts, creating a dedicated content hub that delivers an ultra-personalised experience and elevates their buying journey. 

2. Interactive videos 

What’s even more engaging than a personalised video? Interactive videos, where viewers can actively participate, are gaining traction in 2024. Traditional videos have a linear journey, with a beginning, middle and end – and the option to skip or go back. But introducing interactivity allows the viewer to choose their own path, which helps to keep them on their toes and make them an active participant in the journey. This can be done through a variety of tools, by clicking, scrolling, dragging, hovering, turning or shaking the device. By including features like quizzes and polls, for example, it encourages the audience to engage, as it’s a ‘micro-learning’ opportunity, where viewers can test their knowledge using bite-sized content. This can lead to longer viewing times and since it’s all interactive, you can place a CTA right on the video, so there’s a higher chance of conversion, too.  

3. Short-form videos  

Attention spans are getting shorter by the year, and in 2024 the videos that gain the most traction will be the most succinct ones– particularly those that manage to provide all key information in under two minutes. Recent research from HubSpot suggests short-form video is now the most popular type of video, used by 44% of marketers.4 Apps like TikTok may not be the most relevant platforms for your B2B content but it’s set the precedent for how we all now consume content – i.e. quickly and on smartphones.  

Further ways to enhance your video content

Alongside these key trends, there are plenty of other features for B2B marketers to employ to help their videos stand out. For example, don’t underestimate the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). It has a place in video marketing for B2B brands, as it can quickly analyse vast amounts of data to better understand user behaviour, preferences and trends. The result? More targeted and relevant video content.  

Don’t forget to add subtitles, either. Viewers are now more likely to watch videos on silent mode on their phones, so it’s important that they’re accessible for everyone. Plus, the no-sound-autoplay feature for videos is now a feature on most social media platforms. It’s also why soundless animations are growing in popularity, allowing B2B marketers to capture individuals’ attention even with the sound off.  

In 2024 it’s no longer enough to just post a video and hope for the best. Whether it’s making it more personal, adding interactive features or making the video even shorter, there are plenty of options to help your content stand out. Video looks set for an exciting future in 2024 – and beyond!  

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