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Out of ideas? Get those creative juices flowing

“Leave it to the creatives” – something we have all heard and learned to respect in the world of marketing, especially in B2B. We accept, unflinchingly, that only a select few of us can come up with new, inspiring ideas. But this is a misconception that shouldn’t be overlooked; we are all creative – it’s in our DNA.

In this issue, we explore how we can actively sow the seeds of creativity over time. By observing the world around us and continuously expanding our knowledge, we can train our minds to think outside the box and reformulate the old into something new. In this issue, we cover:

  • The biology of idea generation
  • 5 steps to creating brilliant ideas
  • The importance of creativity in B2B
  • Categorising your thoughts
  • Sorting the good ideas from the bad

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