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Senior Production Executive: My first week at BDB

From the moment I stepped foot into BDB, it was clear this was the place to be!

Following the interview process, I was delighted to be offered the chance to progress my career as their new Senior Production Executive. From a background in digital, wanting to spread my wings – I was intrigued from the get-go by BDB’s substantial company heritage and B2B marketing expertise. Everyone made a great first impression, and appeared to take a genuine interest in me as an individual, as well as professionally.

On my first day, I arrived just in time to join my new colleagues in a motivational team training session, led by one of the account directors. I have now learnt that these are a regular occurrence, and led by different members of the BDB team on a variety of topics – this one was on client service. It was a full-on start to the day, but happy to be thrown in at the deep end, I found the session beneficial and thought provoking, and I’m already keen to learn what the next topic will be!

This followed by a guided tour, and introduction to all the characters that make up the BDB team. One thing that stood out to me was the variety of expertise, and diverse skillset they have in house. Marketing gurus, technical copywriters, linguists – even a doctor. It was evident that the BDB family is made up of some very talented individuals, who have all equally been so welcoming and lovely. In the afternoon, I was taken out for lunch with my appointed mentor. Completely unexpected and after my busy morning it gave me chance to ask any questions, and get some pointers from someone in the know. It was also reassuring to know I would have a go-to person during my first few weeks.

After the first day nerves were quickly eased, the rest of the week flew by! As my role within the company is in production, and with one of BDB’s leading international clients preparing for an imminent trade show – it has been a busy start to say the least. I’ve been supporting the rest of the production team whilst they produce everything for the show; from exhibition graphics to email campaigns, all the while ensuring that deadlines and briefs have been met. I have also had the opportunity to get involved in an email campaign for a new product launch including; banner concepts, proof reading (in various languages, including Chinese and Arabic!) and quality assurance testing. I have thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into what I will be working on, and I’m eager to settle into my new role and learn the new skills to accompany it.

Alongside all the hard work, it’s apparent there is also plenty of play – I have already been for a lunch, received an invite to team drinks (to celebrate BDB securing another new client) and signed up to run for charity with the BDB team at the Manchester 10k! Which is a good job, as with all the office birthdays, a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t been given some form of sweet treat. I think it is safe to say every day will be unique, and I’m really looking forward to everything that Barrett Dixon Bell has to offer.

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