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The power of influence

Influencer marketing is now a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world, having seen incredible growth in the past decade. An evolution of the old school tactic of celebrity endorsement, now combined with social media platforms and content-rich marketing campaigns, influencer marketing has been used with great effect by direct-to-consumer brands globally. But why should B2C have all the fun?

When executed well, partnering with the right influencers can lead to multiple benefits for B2B brands, including increased brand exposure, share of voice in a competitive marketplace and widespread communication of key messages. Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is a real opportunity for B2B – so how can your business harness it?

We’ve created a guide on B2B influencer marketing with actionable advice on how to include it in your strategy.

The power of influence (Feature image)

What’s covered in the guide?

  • What exactly is influencer marketing?
  • How do we define an ‘influencer’?
  • The specific benefits for B2B businesses
  • Measurement and ensuring ROI
  • 10 actionable ways to implement an influencer strategy

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