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Three cheers for BDB! My first few months at the B2B specialist agency

Day one of a new job – we’ve all been there. Nerves about making a good first impression, excitement at finding out which client accounts you’ll be working on and a rising panic that you won’t remember anyone’s names. As soon as I walked through the door at BDB, any first day nerves were bid adieu as I was met with the friendliest welcome – in fact, other than my wedding day, I’ve never felt so popular. BDB has a reputation for looking after its team members and this approach to colleague wellbeing has been evident to me from the very start.

My first few weeks were a whirlwind of inductions, training and delicious Stroopwafels, and the pace has happily not slowed down since then! BDB is a full-service agency which means you can get involved in a kaleidoscope of marketing activity; one day I’ll be indulging my inner writer with industry whitepapers and the next I’ll be working with our digital specialists to redevelop a client’s website. I’m a big believer that, no matter how experienced you are, you never stop learning and the opportunities available here mean you can do just that.

The thing that has struck me most since joining BDB is the diversity of talent within the team and the business’ commitment to developing people. From doctors and neuroscientists to linguists and marketing experts, the team has expertise in such a broad range of B2B areas, yet everyone’s skills are complementary. This versatility ensures that new starters can hit the ground running, current colleagues can expand and diversify their skillset, and clients receive an unrivalled level of service.

Before I started, I’d heard great things about BDB through the B2B grapevine and I can honestly say that the reality has been even better. Three months in and it’s three cheers for BDB!

To find out more about BDB and how we could help your business, visit or call us on +44(0)161 925 4700.

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