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Top 4 creative ideas from EuroTier 2016

BDB recently attended EuroTier, the largest exhibition on animal husbandry, to deliver press support for our client DSM. Carmen Soggia, Account Manager at BDB, highlights her thoughts from the show:

After attending press interviews at the DSM booth, we joined over 160,000 visitors in browsing the show floor. While walking around the different exhibition stands, it became clear that in this highly science-focused animal industry, companies have started to take different approaches to presenting their ideas.

Here’s our top 4 take-away creative ideas from EuroTier 2016:

1) Super animals

When your marketing communications team realises that generic images of healthy animals have had their time, anything can happen. Looking at a creative concept with a healthy-looking pig standing up on its hind legs, and opening its shirt in a superman-like move, I could almost imagine the brainstorming session that led to it. Sticky notes on the wall with words such as, ‘stronger pigs’ and ‘improved health’. The next thoughts are easy to imagine, like superhuman health (or a superanimal!?). And there you go,  a pig with super powers is served on a silver plate. Well, it did catch my eye!

2) Waste not, want not

On a different note, an Italian ingredient producer wanted visitors to reflect on the idea that every minute spent without feeding their farm animals with their super optimised additive was a minute lost of optimum performance. A rotating hourglass on one of the stand walls delivered the message very clearly.

3) The power of nature in animal husbandry

Despite appearances, being creative with nature as a key word isn’t easy in the animal industry. Nature is everywhere, so much so that it’s taken for granted. So how can nature be brought to the next level? Well, one exhibitor seems to have dealt with it just fine. What says nature more than a huge dandelion in the middle of the stand?

4) Rethink

How many times have we looked at a new product line claiming to be the solution to rethink the norm? Well, the animal industry isn’t immune to that and has had to deal with a lot of ‘rethinking the conventional’ when it comes to improved performance. One exhibitor definitely succeeded in reshaping the rules of stand design. Imagine an open farm with a cow, a couple of hens and a pig, turn it upside down, and put it on the ceiling of an exhibition stand. It does grab visitors’ attention!

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