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Ever the ethereal beast in the minds of most marketers, brand is relentlessly talked about, debated and analysed the world over. But with more commentary, ‘rules’ and ‘experts’ out there than you’ve had hot dinners, it can be hard to know what to do when it comes to your own brand.

In our follow up to ‘Brand Truths’, we now take a look at ‘Brand Lies’ – common misconceptions, tittle tattle and downright fibs that have pervaded the industry over the years. While some may seem harmless, others could easily steer you down the wrong path, or worse still, cause analysis paralysis.

Think that big brands never make mistakes? Wrong! Think your brand is too small or too niche for you to invest in brand strategy? Wrong again. Here we highlight just a few of the biggest brand fallacies going. For the full guide, download Brand Lies here:

1. Branding is all about the logo
It’s really not. A logo is the most visible mark of a brand, but there’s much more to it than that. What about your brand proposition? How does this fit in with your business goals? What (if anything) makes you different from the competition? How does this match up to what customers need from you? How do your product brands fit with your organisational brand and each other? What do you say to customers? How you say it? All this helps form your overall brand strategy, and shapes your brand. Once you’ve got these brand fundamentals in place, you can then look at your brand identity as a whole, of which the logo is just one small part…

2. Brand loyalty is dead and buried
Loyalty isn’t dead – it’s just much harder to earn. With more choice available even in the most niche b2b industries, and technology progressing at an impressive, if alarming, rate, you need to present very clear reasons why your brand is the best option for customers and prospects. Plus, and this can sometimes be the hardest bit, you’ve got to work hard to keep them.

3. Branding is rocket science
I may have two science degrees, but I’m no rocket scientist! Branding can understandably seem challenging – marketers are often under pressure to ‘get it right’. Branding can seem like an insurmountable task, particularly since it asks some pertinent questions of your business. Looking at your brand’s place in the world, for example, is a tricky question for most. Also, it can be difficult to be truly objective when it comes to your own brand. You’re too close to it, and that’s where an external perspective can really help…

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