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What AI means for creativity

Change isn’t made alone

In a world where creative boundaries are constantly being torn down, it’s our responsibility to embrace new tools and ways of working without losing sight of what makes creativity unique – the humans behind it.  

I don’t believe that AI will make people obsolete, at BDB we look at it to amplify our creativity. To challenge assumptions, to light a fire under our seats, to expand our horizons – to never stand still, and to constantly better our approach. It’s not a question of AI versus the human, but rather how we work positively and ethically with rapidly evolving technology to produce something entirely new. 

Our approach to AI is not about automating processes or outputs, but what we make possible by using it. As BDB’s Creative Director my responsibility is to ensure that the use of technology aligns seamlessly with our values and vision. Allowing Artificial Intelligence to function as an extension of our team’s toolkit, to let us experiment, refine, and innovate, without limiting creativity or possibilities.  

But, as we embrace the power of AI, it’s equally important to acknowledge its limitations. Our experience, intuition, and innate knack for anticipating client needs are testaments to our unique and unparalleled industry perspective. While AI can offer insights, process data at incredible speeds, create video and imagery, it’s the human touch that crafts these into narratives and experiences that captivate, resonate, and inspire action. 

While AI’s influence spans industries, we have an unwavering commitment to human creativity, expertise, and adaptability. This journey isn’t about replacing the familiar with the new; it’s about fusing both to craft something extraordinary.  

In 2023, the team at BDB began exploring AI’s role as a creative copilot, sharing our experiences in navigating its boundaries and how we combine its analytical might with human intuition and creativity to shape the future of our agency. As we continue trialling the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we aim to demonstrate that AI’s potential isn’t a substitute, but rather a mirror reflecting our creative aspirations – embracing change while keeping the human at the forefront of everything we do.  

About the author

Jon Aldridge, Creative Director at BDB
Obsessed with solving challenges creatively and strategically for international B2B clients, no matter the platform, Jon leads BDB’s creative team.

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