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What is a plan without a strategy?

The word on most B2B marketers’ lips at the start of any new year is ‘planning’. “Marcomms planning”, “budget planning”, “resource planning” – the list goes on. But with so much on our minds, do we take enough time to pause and think about the key driver of any successful B2B marketing plan?  

Yes, we’re talking about strategy. Do we really understand its importance and how best to apply it to our marketing campaigns? Focusing on the ‘big picture’ rather than quick, actionable day-to-day tactics, a strategy-led approach can help B2B marketers really make a positive impact and drive business growth.  

Here at BDB, we’re big believers in the importance of adopting a strategic mindset. So, this month The Knowledge is exploring strategy. We invite you to take a moment to step back and explore how you can build a strategic plan that even chess masters would be proud of. 

Read our interactive guide here and get in touch to keep the conversation going. 

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